#MissionMonday 7-3-17

July 3, 2017 Posted by admin - No Comments

IT ALL STARTED… Ten years ago when Denada got a call from her brother, Reggie, while she was working in High Point, NC. Reggie had lost his peripheral vision and he was being taken to the hospital. Denada left work immediately and headed to Charlotte. Over the next few days, Reggie endured a lot of tests, one an MRI which doesn’t work well for folks that are nervous in tight spaces. One of those folks is my Reggie.

After that MRI, the siblings needed an activity to de-stress, we decided on the movies. Seeing movies has always had been individual passions but they had a lot of fun that day walking the mall, talking and then catching the movie.

Reggie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which affects his vision in March of 2006. Reggie has gone through a significant weight loss, a variety of medications and hundreds of hours of exercising that has kept him “episode” free over the past few years.

Reggie and Denada keep their movie date tradition twice a month or more. It is a treasured brother/sister catch up time that has turned into a YouTube channel, Sibling Filmalry. Since forming the channel the two are hanging out alot more, this Great Gatsby Gala is a way to create more memories, laugh and let Denada dance (because Reggie won’t).

The siblings have used MS to strengthen their bond and create some pretty cool videos.